Umbrella Real Estate, a Real Estate Consultancy service provider, is a 29 years old, real estate agent, having specialization in Commercial, Industrial and Residential properties in Karachi and Other high value properties in Pakistan. Umbrella Real Estate, a real estate agency has established an immutable image of Proficiency, Reliability & Transparency, by providing delightful services especially High Value Transactions to Industries, Corporate Giants, Multinationals and to a lot of High Net-worth Individuals in the geographical area of Pakistan.

At Umbrella Real Estate, we are dedicated to our clients and are passionately pursuing our strong work ethics. Here, we believe in weaving long term relationships, with each of our client and every member of our team ensures of delivering always his best to suffice customer’s needs and always keep their interests on the top rather focusing upon own profit maximization.

Our organization believes in maximizing the profits by achieving higher turnover without compromising on quality of services. Core values, representing our beliefs and philosophy are the foundation of our business success:

  • Trust : We build trust through our actions which always exceed to our words. It may cost us more or it may be hard to work upon but we do everything to build and maintain trust.
  • Perfection : It’s funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, most often, you get it.
  • Commitment : It’s better to refuse a request with firmness and courtesy than to make a promise, you can’t keep.
  • Transparency: What cannot be seen visibly is also being watched by almighty.
  • Long Term Relationship: We Sow Seeds, God Gives Us Fruits.
  • Unique and Innovative Techniques and procedures : If We are doing what we have been doing, we will be getting, just, what we have been getting.
  • CSR Philanthropic Activities: We can’t live a perfect day without doing something for the needy society or for the environment.